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Points To Keep In Mind When Taking Volcano Tours

If you wish to see Fuego Volcano up close, taking a hiking excursion and camping trip during one of our Volcano Tours is a great way to accomplish this task. Wicho & Charlie's is located in Antigua Guatemala, providing hikers with a guided tour up a close-by mountain where you can camp overnight with the volcano in view. Our business provides you with most of the items you will need for this adventure, including food, clothing, and items for your campsite. We have a detailed list of the items we include, as well as some extra items you can purchase for the excursion if you wish.


It is best to refrain from drinking alcohol the night before the trip. Do hydrate yourself often with water, however. This will help to keep your muscles limber and minimize the chance of leg cramps. Take a look at our website to find out more about our Volcano Tours so you can book a date for your own soon.

Volcano Tours

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