Volcano Hikes Guatemala

What To Bring Along For Volcano Hikes Guatemala

If you want to take Volcano hikes Guatemala, finding a service that provides you with most of the materials you will need for the excursion is a plus. Wicho & Charlie's in Antigua Guatemala makes sure each of their hikers has the proper tools, food, and sleeping items necessary for a fun and exciting adventure. There is no need to worry about anything as almost everything is provided for you. This includes your sleeping quarters, clothing to keep you warm while you hike, and all that you will need to eat during your excursion. Toilet paper is available at our office for purchase for the trip if you desire.


To find out more about Volcano hikes Guatemala, take a look at our website for information. We have guidelines available for you to follow, an itinerary so you know the timeline of events, and pictures of the campsite and volcano to inspire you.

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