Our goal is to develop a sustainable business that helps the local community directly and supports the de-centralization of our country by forming professionals guides that can provide with one job all the needs of their families. We commit to provide the right tools, education and formation of our colLaborators to grow and form a career in the industry.



We are commitTed to help our planet Earth in every way possible. Through coordinated mountain, river and beach clean ups, plantation of trees and other forms of reducing the foot print we all leave behind. We don’t encourage single use plastic and all our food packing is done with biodegradable products like paper or reusable containers. To reduce the foot print of CO2 and deforestation we have decided to provide a vegetarian meal with 95% of our products being plant based; don’t worry they are all tasty and very nutritious meals.



Supporting in a monthly basis the food needs of almost 500 dogs and 300 cats by donating over > 4,000 pounds of food to different animal sanctuaries and shelters in need. We also encourage you to donate through the use of toilet paper and showers for the treks. Some months we are given the opportunity
to help in other ways with medication and rescue resources for animals under mistreatment.

We always look forward to the month where we extend a hand to our fury friends. Every month we donate 2,000 pounds of food to the animal shelter Vida Animal y Animal Aware. This month we have donated over 6,000 pounds to 4 different shelters plus a half the money for a new water tank to Vida Animal. We can't be more grateful with Andy for having the opportunity to be able to help feed so many dogs and cats.

With the donations made you helped sustained te food for 350 dogs over the course of a month! This is impressive and we are so happy to be able to do this. 

Other donations where made to help take some rescued dogs in help of veterinary assistance from Xela to Antigua, other efforts where made to help save them as well. 

Lastly, we are continuing our efforts to leave the smallest footprint on the planet together with the efforts of providing nutritious food with a balance of kindness to our hikers. We have made a switch to plant based food to 98% of the products used and served in our treks. A few more steps and we will finally be offering fully plant based meals to all our hikers without sacrificing quality, taste and nutrition. 


Single use plastic is becoming one of the biggest problems to our planet. For many decades we have accumulated a series of bad habits and waste management in third world countries. So as our first project and a recurring project every month we will go to the beach and clean as much as we can all the plastic, metal and glass we can find.


This month we did our 1st beach clean up with a group of 6 amazing volunteers in Playa Quita Sombrero. We covered 1.5k and collected 62 large bags of plastic, glass and other materials that are harming our planet. We have learned a lot on this project and are very exited to do it again. 

It was a very sad feeling, to walk for hundreds of meters cleaning, looking how the trash just continued over and over. But then you turn our to call it a day, and walk back to a clean beach and the spirits get high again. Giving us a bit more hope that little by little we can contribute to this massive problem. 


During the months of April and May every hiker had the opportunity to plant a tree at 3,500 m. We managed to plant over 200 tree. The trees in the volcano are suffering from a plague that is eating all the old tree out. This cannot be prevented, but we can still plant the new trees that are not affected by this plague until they are over 10 years old. 

UPDATE: After the massive eruption Volcan Fuego had on June 3rd, we lost many of the trees planted. We will look forward to next season to plant more trees in the Volcano and outside the volcano area.  

April - May 2018


It's a tradition in December to give and share. Thank's to your business we are able to reach out and give a small gift and a warm meal to 180 kids of the village in Acatenango and their parents.


50 large pizzas, 50 liters of soda, 5 gallons of hot chocolate, 14 cakes, 400 cookies and two large christmas themed piñatas filled with 60 pounds candy were handed out.


Volunteers at the agency helped us pack the gifts and serve the meals this lovely evening. The winning detail was the shape balloons that we managed to fix for them. 5 to 8 kids surrounding our legs waiting patiently for their sword shape balloon was an adorable moment that I and the volunteers had. Thank you for trusting us and letting us share this moment. 

Dec 2017 - TO DATE


This month we have chose to look back to our roots, to the people that have marked a path to our generation. It's important to see where we are coming from, the efforts these people have made to raise us. There are many stories un told and many more to keep sharing. 

This morning on valentine's we have prepared a brunch for the 135 seniors in Hogar Fray Rodrigo de la Cruz located in Antigua. They host many seniors that don't have enough financial support from their families and are looking for special cares and needs. Together with the brunch we prepared them, we hosted a magic show to kick off a fun morning. Last part we had Mariachis play many songs while they enjoy their brunch. 

Outstanding to see what music can do to relive memories that have been suppressed down in the memoir cabinet. Tears of joy, long lost loves or other moments where shed. Many of them stood up to break a few dances shaking the left over energy inside of them.


We couldn't help thinking what we are doing now, will be at some point in the life of many beautiful people the memories of a volcano hike or that time in Antigua. Giving us a more profound sense of wanting to provide the best memories to everyone. 


As it was seen in world wide news, Volcan de Fuego had one of the biggest eruptions registered. Three near by towns where razed to dust with lava flows and over 120 people died. This was the direct impact of the eruption, but the indirect impact, affected nearly 20, 000 families that live and harvest near the volcano. Who's crops where completely damaged and lost. People's who's only income was based on this crops faced months of no income. So we managed to raise enough supplies to feed and cover hundreds of families in La Soledad, in help with our partner hostels we distributed three badges of supplies for these villages. Over the next months more aid followed from all over the country and visitors. 


Thank you so much for letting us help the ones in need.  


In this occasion volunteers helped us fix the fence and corral of the dog sanctuary Vida Animal. We also donated 1,500 pounds of food and a large medicine supply for the puppies and kittens. 

Jan 2018


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